.responsiblity and reality

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we all have choices to make in life and there are times when taking responsibility comes at a cost. we know the outcome, we feel the remorse but in the end we only have to do what is right. we cannot be worrying about judgement or how others will react to certain situations because when it comes down to it, you are the sole purpose of your own destiny.

now if i was to tell you the chaos i deal with on a daily basis, you my readers would probably tell me to pack it up. however, this boils down to commitment and i am a big believer in this epic moment. i do and say something, i will always follow through with it at whatever cost. i am truth and real in everything i do or say and i do not stand for hypocrisy. if i have something to say, i will definitely say it. now that being said, choosing words are very important in any situation. also we must consider the audience at all times. respect and loyalty also come into play as we may face the reality of others who will get offended or hurt even.

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there is no justice in stupidity and thinking clearly before any decision is of great responsibility. i see people for who they are and call it a gift but i know in the end i will be right.


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