sometimes we forget whether we are rich or poor, popular or not, we are all human and in this day and age i am reminded that more people should be treated equally.

i had the pleasure of sharing a room with a great individual my past few days or agony, as we were going through the same procedure. funny thing is when you are at your lowest, you don’t think of how you look, what the other person beside you will think of you when all is back to normal. it also made me realize that even in my profession, judgement can play a big part in our daily routine.

#epicwhat i found simply amazing is that this individual recognised me and never blinked an eye. she was very respectful of my privacy and until i said something, she never mentioned she knew who i was. that my friends is epic!

i think and believe that when we are fragile, status quo really does not matter. all we care about is comfort, friendships and the knowing someone is there for us. i see many people in power and i am absolutely sure if they had been in my position in the last few days, it would have been no different. illness can come in many shapes but when you are at your lowest and most vulnerable, looks, power, status all go out the door.

all i know for sure is now i have made a new friend and i hope she is well and back home. when i do see her again, it will be a pleasure to greet her with a smile and comfort. i thank her for being who she is and respecting.