Removing The Junk

what happens when you finally feel empty?

the reason we set out on a journey of self discovery is to decide whether the ‘junk’ we carry around is valuable. the only way to really be at peace with ourselves is to eliminate the ‘stuff’ that really doesn’t matter in order to see clear for our new way of living.

personal growth, being a lifetime commitment, gives us insight on things, feelings, thoughts and understanding on what we want and who we are.

my recent changes have left me feeling very empty because i no longer see value in the things i used to believe in love was the one thing i believed what the answer to all questions of life. finding out that no matter how hard you love, it can’t fix the reality of any situation; whether it’s family, partnerships or children, love cannot conquer all of life’s endless dilemmas.

so what happens when you believe in something so strongly and it no longer exists?