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    fresh starts are always entertaining and today is one of those. I start my new job this morning and I am happy to report, I am very anxious. although I did not sleep well, I am sure it will be a productive day.

    we are hit with snow this morning as well and I always worry about my old acquaintances who drive in this weather, especially when not to long ago I was one of them. I now don’t have to drive in this awful weather but I guess the leadership quality in me is still there.

    which reminds me, I wonder if it was all worth the effort.

    there isn’t a day goes by and I am not reminded of the last 6 years spent trying to prove myself to people who care less about me. my efforts, in my opinion, were left unnoticed and that my friends is very sad. it isn’t that I need validation but the sense of accomplishment has left the building.

    so, when we consider the art of working hard at something only to discover, in the end, it was all for nothing, do we dare to dream another dream of impossibilities? life is grand isn’t it.


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