relationship illusions

when you are interested in someone, how do we not set ourselves up for a fall?


do not expect any more than another can give and know the signals. it is the hardest thing to do backing off when you know another person really isn’t into you, especially if you have already created the illusion of being with that person. attraction is a step in the right direction but if the the two people aren’t on the same page, you might as well back off before it gets to hot.

i asked a dear friend last night about one night stands and it was his answer that made me realize how important it is to take a step back and look at the whole situation. there are some men and women who can just have sex with each other for the pleasure of sex and walk away. unfortunately, some of us, deal with the emotional side of being rejected the next day.

therefore, as much as we want to pursue an individual in hopes that it would be more than sex is a bigger illusion that you can imagine.

set expectations, know the truth up front and don’t let anyone take advantage of any situation. be in control of what you want and need at all times and there should be no false expectations.

by the way, if a person cannot be direct or answer a direct question, you better take this as a signal, he or she is playing a game.

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