as i crawl back to my reality, i was reinventing my website only because in the last few months i was feeling as though i had lost touch with my creativity. to many things to do and not enough on spending quality time with my own life and thoughts. travelling a distance can often make us realize things that we probably had forgotten and now the freshness has settled into the now.

the one good thing about travelling, especially to a place you have been before but now in a new light and much later on in life is you see things in a much better perspective. i had not been this relaxed since i visited Texas last November and i must say it was refreshing. so much time had passed since my last visit to the East Coast, families had grown up, people had changed but the one thing that did remain were the banters. i am always amazed at finding out things that should have been communicated to me, however knowing how people are, i am not surprised that much of this information has been kept from me.

i am so good at this living unconditionally it did not upset me whatsoever but only reminds me that the most important thing for me now to do is really seek my serenity. i met a new individual whom i can honestly say surprised me in all aspects of life. she is unique, accepts people and lives most of the time in her own bubble. i only wished i had more time to spend with her to pick her brain because her story is quite intriguing. i am also hoping maybe she will continue to communicate with me via social media and then i can learn more.

i also have an uncle whom is very funny. we all know how important it is to laugh but this guy will literally give you face cramps. he has dozens of stories and can turn anything into a funny escapade. i am grateful he is alive and well.

today i will live in my moment but also think of what is next in my chapter. i keep talking about simplifying and i myself am totally lost with this #epicreality.