epic reality

.query or not

my thoughts these days are about writing a query letter in hopes to get an agent.



the only way to get a publisher to notice you, after google hit me in the face and said so, is to find an agent. i think personally it is a lot of work, more so than self publishing however when you want the world to notice you need the best.

there are many great ways to do this, i have found examples, people who claim to know what they are doing, critics on others who have written query letters and the ultimate ‘wanta be’ who thinks they know what the hell they are talking about.

the reality: DO YOUR RESEARCH


now the question is how many to do i send? do you take 5 at a time, 10? who knows. if you think about it, it is printing cost, mailing cost and the idea of putting so much effort into this just to get all of it back in your mailbox saying REJECTED really is depressing.

on the other hand, there may be some slight chance someone will take an interest, great! your efforts will be rewarded. at the end of the day, i will do both. seek out and then self publish. i have already recreated 13 Chaos, knowing that it all takes time but it is out there.

my new baby, ‘it all happens for a reason’ is the ultimate book experience. truth be told i love it because it is so real.

i hope to make a connection somewhere soon because i want 2017 to be my year.

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