progreso, day 6

big adventure to progreso, mexico yesterday, the culture, the people begging to buy stuff, these people are truly unique in their own way. they stand at the bottom of the bridge with hats or just their hand out looking for money. the strange thing about that is some of them are dressed better than i am. labels and fashion i’ve noticed are high on their list. but i have to tell you, they make really good things and the colors are just vibrant.

i wasn’t at my best yesterday feeling a little tired, i guess i have realized also that the reality is going to set in soon when i return home and i am not sure i want to do that. although i miss my home and the people i love dearly, there are certain things still bothering me.

this morning, the question is still on my mind: what am i going to do about my career?

i need to find a way to make my life as happy as i can be and be content everyday. i think after i accomplish this goal i have set out for myself in my work environment, i can really begin to live the life i should. my job is has really put a lot of pressure on the way i feel and being away from it, truly gives me peace.

i remember again why i took on this job was to feel like a somebody, and i can honestly say i do not feel that way at all. so the question is how do i begin to feel like a somebody?

i am likely going to the beach again today and i hope that the ocean will speak to me, tell me what it is i must do. i have two days left here in the state of texas, it has been quite relaxing and joyful spending time with my parents and the people around here, they are wonderful people.  i learn so much from others and continue my journey with an open mind and unconditional heart.

a few more shots from my visit yesterday!