Process of Elimination

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today I write with a heavy heart, people whom I believed in and trusted have really made me feel insecure and I am at a point when the truth has come out. yesterday, it was weighing on me very hard and I had to tell someone what I really felt but I don’t regret those words because now I feel relieved.the future will decide this fate and it is out of my control now.

this is exactly what everyone should do when something is bothering you. tell it like it is, say how you feel and then let it go. it is very freeing and it is the best medicine for one’s own well being. also, the thing to remember is never going back on your words, under any circumstances, it only confuses the truth and the ability to release. there are some people however who do know how to express their feelings and we all know it can come out very badly.

here is the other lesson.

when you want someone to know you feel surely check your spelling. maybe sometimes it is better to write them down first, then you can read what it is you are trying to express. it all sounds so awful if you do not think before you speak. judgment will come into play when you will not be accepted. the walls will come up and everything #hashtag will be exposed. some will certainly turn things around to make themselves look better and is more frustrating than ever.

but let’s be honest.

all that matters is how you express your true feelings and mean them. this is all about your sense of well being and if it makes you feel better, then so be it. as I am thinking of the next chapter in my life, I am thinking of decisions. I think this week shall bring much of this to the table and I have to conscious for the life-changing ideas.


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