.practice what you preach

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there are many people who are ready to give advice, tell you the things  you already know and some things you really don’t want to hear. but when it comes to listening, you have to ask yourself, do they really?

some even preach the whole idea of loving you with their whole heart, wanting a life time commitment and in the end they hide behind their own shadow of fear. there are also people i know who practice the idea of love, acceptance of each other in any given situation but when something really ticks them off, you see their true existence.  it really bites my ass when you think you can count on the support you need and find out those who truly seemed genuine are just and have always been out for their own grace of life. if it doesn’t go their way, their thoughts and ability to translate understanding diminish.

i have never bull shit anyone into thinking one thing when i meant another. i have always been upfront, sometimes to blunt but to say the least very honest with my feelings. if i have learned anything over the years is to be honest. whether good or bad, one should accept what the other is saying and take from it what they feel necessary to grow in their own love. what really bothers me is the fact that after you realize certain people aren’t who they projected all these years, you continuously question your ability to read the people you truly love.

what is because we hope for something great to come out these ungrateful situations or were we just blinded by so many other factors we failed to see the truth about these people? how can we even begin to trust or love again for that matter after we know and feel betrayed in all aspects of life?

people, if you are going to preach a certain idea in the world at least be honest. do not drag someone down for years only to reveal the true nature of your actions and future endeavors.


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