.powerless over an entity

some people are just totally mean in every way possible. after my encounter with one of those people yesterday, i sat for a while thinking what in the hell is so bad in life that this person has to lash out on a daily basis on things that really do not matter?

ever hear those people that for some odd reason have nothing better to do than make others around them feel powerless. i am telling you it will bring you down no matter how spirited you are in all aspects of your life.

the reality is this: people are people and as much as you try and shake this shit off off, you can’t. there just moments in time that really upset your daily routine and you can’t seem to come back from it. the fact when shit is broken and it is out of your control has no barring on the situation but the mechanics of it all is just that. i guess the only real thing you can do is talk it out and see where it takes you and remember that tomorrow is another day.

it reminded me of a time when i was at my lowest ever and how nothing in this world could bring me back up to the light of day. i thought the world was coming down on me, life was chaotic and the changes were really intense. i seen absolutely no happiness in anything because every time i turned around bad things were happening. true story. i used to believe i was cursed by some odd entity, that i would never again be content with my life.

today, i just live my life according to the present, this, now and whatever comes. i do not dream of things that are unrealistic and i certainly know that my life is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. yes there things, ideas, goals that i need to achieve but are they attainable?

probably not. but it does mean i am negative it just means i am realistic to my current life. it also means whatever life i had planned for myself did quite make it to the top and i accept it. the odd time there is this little person that comes out and thinks i am better than all this and should have all that i desire. why not? i am a great person, i care about people in general and i certainly work very hard at proving my worth, even though those people couldn’t care less about me.

today i give you this epic reality: don’t wish for shit that is impossible but look for the realistic value in the moment. remember you can’t change people but you can divert your attention on something else.