Power vs Money

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There is a really good point to make on this subject and most of you are thinking about it right now or you have already made your choice. Here is the thing; as you read this, your mind is conditioned to compute whatever comes naturally and the decision you will make on this subject.

let me give you my scenario.

Power is an idealist ability to think, control, overrun and rule the world. To hold title to something most would think is power, however, this idea comes with rules and regulations and greater responsibility than you can ever imagine. Power is also a profound word. It has the ability to change a course of action and a lifetime of decisions. Some use this power to overcome insecurities and some may even try to persuade others with it.

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The face is no one and I firmly believe this, no one has power over anything. Power is an illusion that was put on paper once and has been enhanced over time and centuries past. Power does not give anyone the luxury of being whoever they want or control every situation that is faced, it only holds and idea which may or may not succeed.

now let’s talk about money.

Money is a means to survival; any which way you look at it, we all need money. I truly believe money controls everything about life, well-being, relationships, careers, and I could go on. Money is the root of all evil ( or say they ) Money is what makes the world go round. However you want to relate to money, it is something that controls our lives.

Money can buy you anything you want; or can it. Money can make you sleep better at night; less stress, less worry, less of nothing. We live in a world where money is necessary but also essential to the very core of life. I love money, I wish I had more of it, lots actually and I am sure most of you do as well.

In the end, money is power isn’t it? because without it, you do not have the power to do anything.


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