.power or inspiration

when you set out goals, is it merely to inspire others? i used to believe that i could inspire anyone to see my way of things. this is very selfish and that is why over the years i have learned to accept everyone for who they are and what they believe in.


there are times however when it is in their best interest to see the light of day. it is very hard to convince someone about an action they have taken or a thought when they are mind set. i can tell you however, if you open a door in another direction, they might just see this light of yours.


i pride myself on keep the peace because this world is so full of chaos and wanting to keep it simple is only a way of living your life in the moment. we worry to much about the small stuff and not enough about the good stuff. we consume ourselves with hate and violence, foul words of destruction and even worse succumb to additions. this is not reality!


to keep ourselves sane, we either have to face the fact that time is of value and we much embrace it with every moment or we will lose site of the good things. the goal is to fulfill  your life with what is fair and feasible.


in the end, sometimes we do things we do not like but i can say that there is always a way to satisfy your own well being. never underestimate the power of humanity and it will give back to you when you least expect it.

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