philosophy versus reality

“a man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them” – Sigmund Freud

proper behavior, do we really know what that is? we were taught from time of birth, growing up in different cultures and societies, certain behaviors are unacceptable. some are simple, normal and others quite outrageous. i had a giggle yesterday, standing in line at a department store, watching, learning, behavior of humans thinking how polite we have to be in the customer service world.

coming face to face with people is a learned behavior – my thoughts were this: how nice it would be if we could be honest and natural! when someone says, ‘how are you today?’ is there not a time when you just want to say:

“shitty but thanks for asking”

most people react in a polite way saying thank you or fine thanks when in reality they are probably having the worse day. why are people conditioned to be so nice when in reality we should be honest and respectful? i think of this because i believe we suffer from truth and so no reasoning behind being normal. i have certainly been able to speak my mind and thoughts when reality sets in, in a respectful way and i totally feel charged when i can do this. acceptance also comes to mind when other people can allow you to freely express your truth. why for the life of me do most people keep everything bottled up inside, especially knowing it is doing harm to their well being or worse people (most) keep dwelling on shit that has been lived over and over for years?

because my friends, they haven’t learned.


i am telling you, the next time someone says how’s your day going, ask yourself in that moment in time – is it really a good day, GREAT! then say that but if NOT! tell the truth. watch the reaction but think of how you feel. we need not prove anything to anyone but only to ourselves.