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what we do in life can reflect our future. there’s no way out of it. if you fuck up, you will in some way or another pay for it for the rest of your life.

most people are in denial of such a phrase only because they can’t live in their reality. the question of the day is whether or not you can recognize the signs of it all and what to do about it or even if you can change the course of action.

i spent my day in my pool over thinking everything going around me, work, relationship, people and family and i can honestly say at the end of the day, i still come up with the same answers. it is one of those moments where i feel it so deep inside, that i know i am right in my present moment. unfortunately the consequences of the answer would be seriously devastating to some and i know i cannot blurt out the true nature of my feelings.

so i am right back where i started years ago, pleasing others instead of satisfying my own needs. now, reading this again here comes the angry part. what in the hell am i doing? why am i sacrificing my own wants and needs and sanity for that matter for the sake of making others happy?

i guess it’s because in my head when you make a commitment, you must follow through with it and this is where i stand even if it means pretending to be sincerely happy with all that i do.

so more or else, FAKE IT!

i have also come to realize most of my dreams will never be realized and i have to accept this wholly. living in the moment truly means being grateful for what you have, never expecting more than you can get and honestly sacrificing your very existence.

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