personal challenges

there are many things i dislike in this lifetime, some i can say out loud, others i must keep to myself.

we have a saying where i work: “you don’t have to like everyone but you must respect them”

so true

what happens when the respect is lost and all you have is five figures? i ask myself every day if what i do is all worth it. i know we have bills and responsibilities, necessary items that are needed but how do you face each day knowing you dislike what you do. it really is a matter of priority; set out a goal, take a vow or whatever it is, a contract perhaps and you simply just do it.


although it affects  your well being of denying your true nature, you go ahead and deliver. at my age especially there would be no starting over and who would want too.

for lack of better decisions how do you accept this personal challenge and how to make yourself or better remind yourself of the reasons why you do it.

rinse. repeat. deliver

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