Perception is reality

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we see what we want to see. great men and women of our lifetime have preached about perception and it seems funny to me how most people do not realize one’s life experiences can define who we are today.

a strong person can stand tall and show nothing but confidence. others, hide behind the selflessness and cannot show their true spirit. it has become apparent that in this 20th century, some show more than they should.

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I wonder what would happen if we all showed our true colors? would people see us differently, act differently or even perceive us in a way which would be unacceptable?


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as a leader, I try very hard to never show my true colors as it is a professional perception. I hate it really because I can never be who I want or live as I really want too. my big discovery a few years ago was the realization that life is very hard and if you can see it for what it is, you may have a chance for survival. there comes a time when we all load up with unnecessary garbage and it isn’t until something drastic happens that we take a step back and rethink our own personal perception.

the other day, I met a lady I hadn’t seen a very long time and she said something to me that has been lingering on my mind. she said: ‘ maybe it’s time you let go of some things’.

she perceived something that I already knew about myself but the fact remains: responsibility and commitment are of great value.

I can’t give up just because shit has fallen. I have to continue until the goal is accomplished and there is nothing that will change my perspective about that.


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