People Shouldn’t Have To Change For Others

how do we begin to feel better when society is constantly changing?

I am frustrated this week with employers who constantly change things to better their industry rather than keep the peace amongst their employees. we are all in the customer service industry in the way or another and isn’t that what makes a profit? keeping¬†people happy?

therefore, an example of this is if you treat your employees like they do not matter, this reflects on the service. it’s a circle and if you constantly break that circle, you will lose the ability to make money.

people will not believe in the service and no longer feel it necessary to use that service. it’s a domino effect. piss off one person and watch the rest go with the motion.


you arrive at a local service area, whatever that may be. you are approached by the employee who is rude, unhappy, non-responsive. you immediately feel as though you are doing something wrong, that your presence is unacceptable and the emotions slowly start to come up to the surface. anger, anxiety, insecurity because you assume this employee is having a rough day or because they don’t want to be there?

first reaction: you call the boss.

right? and complain. then, the boss, after carefully listening to your complaint, comes back to the employee to explain their actions were noticed.

repercussion: you get shit on even more for doing what? not acknowledging that customer, which in the first place your problem had nothing to do with them.

the employee is totally in the red because not only were they upset over something that didn’t happen at work but now the employer has totally made things worse.

how do we stop this circle of not caring? how do we continue to make progress if others keep shutting us down?¬† on a personal level, if things are not working, you must make the changes yourself in order to grow into a better human being. you can’t wait until it is too late or when you finally break down and just can’t function.

take action. do what is necessary to keep your life the way you were meant to be.