Pen and Thoughts of Unconditional

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in a recent comment, someone asked if i prepare when i write. do i sit for hours, clearing my head, gathering pertinent information in order to put here?


my thoughts come naturally and i truly believe good writing is just that. writing comes from within although at times i may see or hear something that just rattles me i have to write about it but most of the time it is very personal feelings. i don’t fear rejection of my thoughts but rather hope that people will open their minds and take something from it.

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i know to often we think if we are magical in some way, people will look up to us and that brings great important in our well-being. knowing people look up to you, believe in your mission does incredible mental awareness. there are some us who thrive on satisfaction or rather validation of others and this is a trait i am all to familiar with.


i also was asked recently what my biggest fault is; funny, i had to think about it because we all know that when approached with this kind of question, the list can be long. you start going over all the things you really dislike about yourself and wonder which one is the worst. i guess in a professional setting, you must answer this question but i do not think it is a good question to ask anyone. it simply brings back all the negativity that a person may have built up over time.

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however, because i am unconditional, i accept whatever is thrown at me and go with the flow. i am not a great philosopher, spiritual adviser or any of those great people but i try to make me people see how easy it is to accept everyone for who they are.

this is how i live my life

i appreciate all who take the time to send me a comment or message and i do try and respond. it is a shame i can’t make money from this because i love it so. maybe someday i will be asked to represent some great company for writing purposes but until then, here i lay my pen and thoughts.

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Get $10 off with this code "VACATION10" exclusive #FabFitfun summer box!