past practice

word of the day: conflate – to merge; to fuse things together into one entity

we learn from experiences.

we grow from life.

the term past practice means living in such a way ‘we have always done it this way’. but what if we did it different? what if we changed these past practices and made them more inviting?

i truly believe there are some people who loathe the idea of change and are very stuck in their own little ways. i believe as life changes, we must change with it. how else can we experience things in a new way. why not alter our perspectives, open a new door and see what is inside this new opportunity.

Enjoy today:

evolution has been around us for centuries and without even thinking about it, we see it.

we just can’t connect to it.

personally i love change, i like new beginnings, i like challenging the next chapters. i think it is in my nature to discover what else is coming. it keeps a fresh aspect on life and revives my energy. i suppose this is why i travel because every time i do, i get something new from it. i like the rush of who, what, where, when because the limit of surprise is very exciting.

so yes, i leap into the next adventure and challenge my ability to do more but in a different way. we are here and now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.