Are you Selling out Authentic

i have been thinking about authenticity and how the world today is extremely fake. people portray people whom do not resemble their true nature. it makes me wonder how people can sell things and make money.

let’s think for a moment.

wouldn’t you rather buy a product or give real service rather than being deceived by scripted lines?

I would.

if a person is at …

Once You’ve Eliminiated all The Toxic

what is happening to your life? what has changed? where are you going?

very important questions to ask yourself if you are stuck in a rut. there is no better way to describe the moment you realize failure, resentment, discouragement and especially lack of inspiration.

you have followed all the steps, you have been practicing positive reinforcements for yourself and yet, that persistent feeling of …

Banned: Sexual Lines & Innuendoes

let’s get real this morning! enough with the bullshit banter about what is politically correct and what isn’t. in this day and age, people should be more open to anything and I don’t mean violence or criminal acts but real shit.

this world has gone totally buzzer, seriously. where do we draw the line and banning certain Christmas songs because it offends someone? how about …

Milestone in the making

talk about crazy! I just realized I hit 500 posts and today will top that. 

as a writer, you don’t realize most of the time how much thought goes into a life time of ideas, situations and stories. when you take a step back, you wonder where all this marvel came from. it also makes you realize how aging has given you many experiences, enough …

Different Styles for Anything

as life would have it, not only in the real world but here online, some companies love to play with your nerves.

this morning, a recent theme I was using, decided to do an update and screw up my whole design. luckily, I am pretty good at fixing this stupidity and here it is! a new look for the remainder of December.

another thing happened, …