Wanting Something Better

we all strive to be better, to be something we are not or is it just society that makes us want these ideas?

i can remember a time when simplicity or it seemed simple was all i had. one day …

Just a moment in Time

life can reveal many things, people say whatever they want, how you perceive it becomes your epic reality.

we often commit to things we would not normally do and the reasons may be of good nature or not. then life …

the leading lady

a very inspiring post i did many years ago…2011

I once heard that if you aren’t the leading lady of your own life, then you are just a woman. Not that is anything wrong with that but every once in

What To Believe

i pride myself in knowing people, how they act, how they verbalize their feelings and understanding their points of view. there are some people who just go out of their way to irritate others in order to gain power or …

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