own who you are

i seen this pin today and it made me think of body image. there is an article trending on Facebook that made me laugh because it was an actress saying how to create the ‘new normal body type’.

what is normal? really?

i believe if you feel beautiful on the inside then as you look into the mirror you should always see beautiful on the outside. although i know in this day and age women are constantly upgrading every about their body image just to perfect. we women are obsessed with image, how we look, how we dress, how big our thighs are and the list goes on, that we forget one important thing.

life. why do we constantly perform this daily self lowering for the sake of hoping people will care more about us if we are sexier or thinner or curvier?

today should be about presentation – how you project yourself to others plays the biggest role. what you say, do and how you image any given situation, will help people to see the you on the inside. yes of course if you buy a new outfit or start wearing stylish clothes people will notice that but will make them confident about who you are?

if you see all the value you can bring to your own life then it really doesn’t matter whether you are thin, small, curvy or fluffy.

so i say to all – own it, all of it!