Open Your Mind and Think of The Possibilites

it has come to my attention that every time someone does something out of the ordinary, people react as though there is something seriously wrong with you. i have lived my life in a way that has always accommodated others and now this new life is the perfect example of my theory.

it’s a natural reaction when you totally change parts of your life that people will always wonder, WTF is going on. But i can tell you my friends it is because they do not fully understand the meaning behind it. one of the biggest subjects is money; i am open to anything as long as it makes a person happy. this has been my latest ambitions, finding out what works for me. let’s face it, if you are making good money but are miserable at what you do, what is the point? if your thing is flipping burgers and it makes you happy, it does not matter what you make financially.

live by your means! change your ideas!

i know people that have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle only because it makes them look good. but you have to wonder if they are truly happy. i can say with great confidence, probably not. never mind what people say, never mind what others think or your career, your feelings, your satisfaction, they are not living your life for you.

you must repeat these lines every day if necessary in order to convince yourself. i do.

state. repeat. state.