Only to those who deem worthy

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we are creatures of mass control and utter destruction – we ourselves are our own enemies when it comes to life and personal growth. there is no better way to say this but the reality is if we would only take a few moments and realized if we spent as much time on ourselves and less on the outside world and others, how beautiful and happy we would be.

i know life is full of unhappy moments, things don’t always go as planned but for the most part i also know if we ignore the negative and destructive people, we can suppress grossness of destruction.

it took me so long to let things go, i can’t tell how i struggled with this for a very long time. my life used to revolve around what people thought of me and how they reacted to my life. luckily, strength persevered and i have become null to these awful gestures. yes, at times, what people say or think does affect my way of living but only to make sound decisions. what is best for one may not be best for others but it is best for my own peace of mind.

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what i like to focus on when shit hits the fan is how did i get here? where is this coming from? and how important is it?

if i come to the conclusion that this is not relevant to my growth and well being, i release and move on! if it is in fact something that needs my attention and i am capable of fixing it, i will work very hard to get resolution and be happy with my results. then i will let it go and be done with it.

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what i am addressing today is something that is reality of life and those of you struggling with this, should look within. does it really matter? only to those who deem worthy.


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