.one box at a time

i’ve been home for over a day now since my mexican trip and i gotta tell you, it is great to be back to normal. i think i slept for what felt like a week yesterday. it probably has to do with the fact that i am sick, yes again, i caught a cold while i was in the 30 degree weather, imagine that.

i laid in bed last night thinking how crazy it was to be in one place one minute and then back home in another. a whole different perspective on life in just hours and you almost feel as though it was all impossible or that you were dreaming up the whole thing. but when i look in the mirror i can tell that i have been abroad for sure.

my intentions of taking time to relax and really think about what i wanted out of life somewhat didn’t happen. i went there and felt as though i couldn’t keep two thoughts in my head, much worse than being at home.

the sun and sea did rejuvenate my senses but as i only got to work on my book, 3 chapters in, editing and revising, i am somewhat disappointed. maybe my expectations were high or the fact that my sleeping quarters were not what i expected, really through me off.

in reality what i learned was this: the old saying goes you can’t run away from the things that haunt you but you must face them head on. as this thursday coming i will be heading back to work after being off for 2 weeks, i am sure i will find the answers i am looking for. sometimes routine can fix the one thing that is ailing you the most.

i guess the only thing i can do is take it one box at a time.

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