One Thing That Makes You

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over the years, I have a creature of change; homes, careers, clothes and ways of making my life adaptable to whatever came into play. the problem is this:

what the hell was I trying to accomplish?

the path to the unknown is a very scary thing, we all wish we had a magic want to see where all that will come but in the end, would you still do the same things you have always done. would you make the same decisions, would you turn in the same direction?

people, places, things should never be the foundation for our own well-being but a guide to the inner voice. these three things cannot decide the reality. we should never want to go beyond today because from day to day, environmental changes will affect all that happens.

so you can decide all you want, you can say or do whatever feels right but something or someone will always alter the direction. what people need to understand is that we have no control over anything, something most of us do not accept. even choices we make can be altered at any time. it is the domino affect playing the role we do not see.

the bigger plan is the funny part of all this, the one thing most people believe is in the works. they are blinded by their upbringing of a better place, an illusion of something that is guiding our very existence. some would call it the higher power, I call it insanity!

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life is a big mystery but what most of us don’t understand is that we are here in the now, not rocket science but the evalution of humanity.

today, I ask you to find that one thing you can really hold on too and feel content that it is real and it is moral. don’t be fooled by fantasy, be fooled by what is right in front of you. understand the meaning of unconditional and learn that your place in this world will always have a way of showing you the path.


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