Once You’ve Eliminiated all The Toxic

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what is happening to your life? what has changed? where are you going?

very important questions to ask yourself if you are stuck in a rut. there is no better way to describe the moment you realize failure, resentment, discouragement and especially lack of inspiration.

you have followed all the steps, you have been practicing positive reinforcements for yourself and yet, that persistent feeling of negativity hits you right in the face. even if you manage to turn your thoughts around, somewhere around the corner is lurking some bullshit reality that do not want to leave.

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deep in thought this morning with the reasoning behind my reality and I have come up with one thing.


this is one of the most powerful words anyone could ever have in their lives and I am telling you, from the bottom of my forgotten heart, without this kind of word in your life, there is nothing. it is like a force of awakening and sometimes when you realize the true meaning of it has totally vanished from within, you strike the end zone.

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what I mean by all this is that my passions have completely left me; trust, understanding, compassion and most of all a feeling of satisfaction. I am without purpose and that my friends is a very difficult place to be. When at one time, I felt as though I could conquer the world and nothing could stand in my way, now is buried deep within. the one thing that does remain is the willingness to get it all back. 

but how.


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