Oh Boy was I wrong and so it Goes

i am reminded of love this morning, looking into the glass door of the past and how i have grown in my years as an adult. i am reminded of my writing, a time when i used to dish out all my hurts and sorrows over a love that would never be or had a chance in hell to make history. blinded by this illusion, i knew eventually there had to be something better, stronger than i could find or see. at that time, there wasn’t but it was only because i was in the deepest hole imaginable.

it is amazing how some people can find their way back out of darkness and others can’t. i am also wondering why in a split second we can think of something so far gone, be in that moment and wonder why. our choices in life are never easy, that’s a fact. we find ourselves worried, puzzled by some of the decisions or ideas and yet here we are, in a different light of day.

i am no great philosopher or inspirational but i do know my experiences can maybe enlighten some readers and it is what lives inside me. we cannot erase our past or make it so blinded that we are masked by delusion but we can say it out loud:

“for the moment, i live, i love and i breathe”

there are people in our past we would likely like to forget but i can tell you, everyone you meet, you take a little piece that shows you something or shapes yours now.