no vacancy

i got the best compliment the other day, a man said that i taught him so much about love… i laugh today because obviously i didn’t teach him anything because he is back doing the ‘same old shoe‘ let’s say.

love is many things, for everyone else, it means different things. my unconditional love definition is definitely not the same as everyone but i do believe ranks up there pretty high. expectations are something we need and want and with that comes the inevitable disasters because when we do not receive these expectations, we feel cheated.

for years i have been wanting the same love from men as i project to them. we all know how that turned out but i don’t think my expectations are to high or unattainable. it’s simple. open your heart, keep an open mind, accept the emotional side of me, compromise, communicate and never take me for granted. the problem i have now is that i have become so numb where love is concerned that my heart is closed. i see no future, no sign of wanting a relationship and no love. i feel like snow white, frozen in time until the prince comes along.

but i can tell you, if the princess isn’t willing, then the happily ever after will not come to pass.