are we really happy? the question of the day whether or not we can admit we are truly happy with our lives. how do we define happiness and is because we believe that all that we are is a true reflection of where and how we want to be.

this came to me as I questioned my own life whether or not I had truly found happiness or was I still settling for just ‘it is what it is.’ I can’t tell you how many things I have tried to seak this happiness I am looking for, altering life’s moments for a mere glimpse of what I feel would make me absolutely happy.

for years I talked about the unconditional love I was deeply missing in my life, feeling as though that would be the ultimate key to my personal happiness. what I do believe today is that we all live according to what is expected of us in society | to a certain degree and then venture on whatever we can to define as to be content.

so today my fellow readers, as you take a moment, ask yourselves:

am i really happy?