part of growing is knowing what is right for your own well being. i have been writing this for years now and sometimes i forget to do this myself.

it came to me, in a big way this weekend, how unhealthy i am and i am so suffering for it. i really need to take a good look at what inspires my happiness, not only for myself but for the sake of others. it is with great decision making that taking the next step is really important for the future to come.

i also have been decorating my office which desperately needed it and started with one wall. it is like starting a new program, you have at least make the effort to start somewhere. so here it is, my new wall.

diyi am in the process of writing inspiring words to it so that i am reminded everyday how important my life is and those around me who matter.

i truly believe starting here will bring much more growth and understand to my life and simplify things for me.  i think if we really take the time to listen, we will know what works for ourselves. i need to do more of this.

i hope your day goes well and soon we will see the new inspirations as they unfold.