New Directions Make Sense

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what can we say about new beginnings; I suppose many things, people making resolutions, setting new goals and anticipating the future for this new year.

what am I thinking about? life. how can I make my spirit better this year.

short story is I feel as though I have not been the happiest in 2018 and I must make things better for my growth. in nine days I will be starting a new job and I want to make it as epic as possible. I would like to flourish in this new position I have been given and make it very positive.

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my other adventure would be to make of list of important things that need to be sorted out. I find we spend to much time on the useless and not enough on the important matters. epic reality is after all unconditional and it begins here.

one more thing is the newsletter. for years I have seen many people make up these subscriptions and for some reason, mine never took off. must work at that.

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so for today, I wish you all a very good start to 2019 and may all your ambitions, fresh ideas and self worth be lifted.


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