Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

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they say words are precious and unforgettable…

time, places, people remind me of where i have been and where i am now and i can’t help but wonder what it all means. someone said to me recently all that is, is as it should be but what about destruction, hate, hurt and self-depression? are they part of a plan and if yes, why?

i watched a movie last night and wondered why there always has to be good and bad. why can’t all be happy, feel good and be honest? why must everything have failure, deceit and deception?

maybe i want to live in a world where nothing is wrong, nothing is broken but don’t we all? how hard is it to be just happy all the time, content with our ambitions and accomplishments and in the end be grateful for all that we have and be satisfied that this is it.

cause it is logical.

life is hard, we all know this but i don’t want it to be.

the choices we make reflect our well being and when regret comes into play, we feel all the hatred, sorrow, and disgust about ourselves. negativity plays a big role in the present, past and future and for a moment i am sharing this truth with you only because my life is not what i want it to be. i am usually pretty positive and ambitious but because i have made choices that are unacceptable, personal growth has taken a back seat.

the biggest thing at this moment is realizing that words are just that. whether written or expressed, they are truths, feelings and most of all personal. never judge a person because you have not realized how important it can be to that individual. the expression, “never judge a book by its cover” is so true.


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