Never feel alone when you are lonely

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a friend of mine said, when it snows, there is a calming feeling all around us. well, we have woken up to the white stuff, November 16th, 2014 – first snow fall and it is very beautiful. i went outside and stood for a minute and he was right. there wasn’t a sound but just a soothing calm all around.

as the snow fell lightly, i got to thinking about the things i like. yesterday was our annual Christmas parade and it put me in the spirit of things. something about this time of year gets me motivated and feeling festive. i always believed in miracles because most of the time when i wished for something at this time of year, it came true. yesterday, i took out my decorations and started the process of making my apartment look full of spirit.

after a long day of that, i went to the parade feeling very excited just like a kid does, waiting for that last float where Santa surely was waiving his hand to all the children and the thousands of people standing. i, like all the kids of course, waived and yelled out to Santa in hopes to spread some cheer to all around me. today, i see so many people struggling with whatever and it just saddens me because i feel we could all use a little spirit. life is so stressful and just for one night it was nice to see our town come out on this cold night and gather with their children for the arrival of the jolly red suited man.

all said and done, my thoughts come back to this morning. the thought of being alone never really scared me and i know for a fact i enjoy my time and know how to fill it with things to do but it still one of those moments where i think:

why do i have to be alone all the time on these special occasions?

i wish for once in my life i would find someone compatible with me on all levels of my life and complete my square. alas, i have also come realize the unrealistic reasoning behind that and Mr. Whatever is not coming. so this year, i am going to plan to do something out of the ordinary for those who are alone. not sure what yet but i know it will be great!



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