.negative vs positive

where are your thoughts? do you seem lost at times and ask yourself how you got here? all the changes, time spun out of control and you really have to sit and think for a moment just to regain some of your sanity?

i leave tomorrow for another adventurous trip, Las Vegas, and my thoughts are scattered. as excited as i should be, i had many doubts about going this morning. i believe my life has thrown me so much negative that every time something incredibility good is about to happen, i feel as though the universe made a mistake and picked the wrong person.

relationships have left a very bitter taste in my mouth and that is why i keep asking myself, how is it that i am not worthy of a wonderful life? why can’t i get the good stuff packed way up high instead of the negative? and most of all, why is true love so hard for me to keep?

people will tell you or me that famous line: oh…you just haven’t found the right one yet – well hells bells, REALLY? ┬áso my question is was there ever? i think not. in the end, i will take this trip for the experience, who knows what could happen and hopefully come back with good stories.