negative people and their attacks on others

everyone has their own agenda, way of thinking, way of feeling, way of seeing things. perception rules in any event and for some this may come in a negative way.

i have spent my life living for others, dealing with everything as though my audience was the most important factor. unfortunately, i have taken this so far and have lost my sense of well being. the reality is awareness can play the biggest role on how you continue to live your life. “if you know better you can do better” as Oprah says.

Image result for attackin a few days i will be in my most peaceful place in the world and i can’t wait to just let it all go and refresh my moments. i will finish my book and enjoy the company of two of the most epic people who inspire me to do better. i am a very lucky person to have such people whom believe in people. PERIOD! they have taken communication to the next level and as i learn from them, i find myself being transformed every day, hearing and appreciating their words of wisdom.

there is one factor i am facing at this moment in my life and that is self confidence. i lack the ability to believe in myself and most people would not believe this as i am a good actress in the making. i stand tall every day, shout from the bottom of my toes and never let the guard show my true colors. however, yesterday, i was at a loss and was faced with a tragic event. piers are one of the most valued people in this world and they can certainly ‘show the light’ as The Contagiously Positive Girl says.

but for me, there has never been any light and that tunnel is getting bigger by the minute. i feel it is in my best interests to get away from all these negative attacks before my life becomes more unmanageable. life is hard enough without having most pressure in the making. i feel my epic reality will forced!

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