Negative Emotions

negativity | the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something.  (source)

when someone aspires to do great things and knows he or she is capable of anything, we call that ambition. when someone constantly fails, we are negative to that person because we are projecting the bad and less motivation within.

I have never been fearful of trying anything; if I set my mind to something, I will achieve it. if I feel as though I am sidetracked from this goal, I throw something else out of my life only to make sure I am focused on the task at hand.

what I do lack lately is the direction. I am distracted on all levels of my life and I questioned myself yesterday over and over again wondering why at one time I could multi-task anything and everything and all of sudden I can’t keep two thoughts or actions in line. I felt frustrated and sat for about 15 minutes in tears trying to find the answer to this question and event. I wondered if it was hormonal, age, life or was there a deeper issue lying underneath.

great happiness has been my main focus lately and I am forever struggling with this massive task I have put upon myself.  what truly makes me happy? how can I get exactly what I want and be satisfied that this fulfills me?

I tried an activity that was presented to me about being positive. I chose 5 questions, that I set up on my phone to remind me throughout the day, of positive sentences. what I found myself doing was getting more frustrated because I was distracted and couldn’t bring myself to even visualize the questions let alone answer them truthfully; I basically wanted to throw my phone away!

I realize positive reinforcement doesn’t always work for everyone but what else is there?

my quest today is to simplify this greatness in a way to incorporate it into my busy lifestyle. hopefully, at the end of the day, I can say that one good thing came out of it.

I also will work on the happy thing. finding answers is never easy but I believe true guidance is key to success.