N. never

U. underestimate

L. life

L. love

what do you think about that? i think these four words are very powerful and if you really look closely and some of the progress you have made in your life, you can see big differences, big changes.

as my new career is in it’s the fourth week, i see many things evolving. sharing is one of the things i have learned because after all if you don’t tell people how you are feeling or ask questions to things you don’t understand, how is anyone really going to know you? as hard as we work on our well being, we also have to be aware of others and their needs, especially if you feel they aren’t progressing as well as expected.

today, i also launched 4 of my 5 lessons in An Unconditional Teaching. i am very proud of my writing and the readers can either take it or leave it. i believe we all have something to give to life and we should share it. if i make a little money from it, that’s a good thing too but the goal is to let people know that inspirations can come from many places and i am grateful that i have this gift to give.

you can find the links on the main page of epicrealityoflife.com or here is the first lesson for you to purchase.