.my biggest problem

when someone quits something, it is usually for good reasons. some may say it is giving up or lack of caring, maybe the idea of responsibility scares them. i believe that in life, we do things that we do not like and it physically and mentally destroys the better part of our self.

i am at that point. in this day and age, people just don’t care enough anymore and no matter what you do or say, there will always be someone who disagrees. it is only because they do not accept the reality of the situation or have no knowledge the of the true value of something.

i pride myself of accepting others and their ability to be who they are in the real world but when it turn around and see the opposite, i get really frustrated. my biggest problem is learning to control that emotion and it is one of the things i work very hard at every day.

i have now taken another step into my light of day and feel relieved. i am who i am and i do what i do because i am tired of being someone else all the time. i want to feel happy every day when i wake up, i want to feel proud of my work and mostly i want to know that at the end of the day i have made a difference.

realistically, those things are hard to come by but i am sure with time, i will accomplish my task at hand.