.my other piss off moment

after much deliberation, i landed on a design for now that i consider effective. whether people like it or not is really irrelevant as it is pleasing to the eye and readable.

in the last 2 days, life and chaos have been my constant companion and i can honestly say i am not sure where the hell this epic life is taking me. the feelings of anxiety, abnormal thoughts and negative feelings run through my veins as though it was normal. i really feel as though everyone is against me and nothing i do is ever enough. my efforts at making things better, get thrown out the window as fast as the ideas pop in my head.

basically, i am at the point of giving up on pretty much everything except the normal lifestyle.

i am also remembering a time when simplifying my life was a main focus and for some reason i have swayed from this idea. my body is telling me to relax, giving me signs of pain and i wonder if this is serious enough to really take a step back and reinvent my decisions. we often forget that our bodies act as a reminder, we are doing to much. my other piss off moment today is that when i communicate something it is as though i am not heard. i think i am pretty clear on my feelings and thought but some people just don’t get it. they black and white or their own basic ambition and there is no changing this perspective.

very frustrating.

so what at this point am i left with?

as we all know life does go on and we cannot change others but we have to complete our inner devotion and really concentrate on the well-being. the fight isn’t over and i am anxious to see the outcome of all this.

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