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    I have been studying the Law of Attraction and I have to say, this is an epic way of living. I also take things into stride because you must always look for things that work for you.

    We all want the best for ourselves and for me abundance in love, peace and satisfaction would have to be my top priorities for 2019.

    It has been a real roller coaster ride, making wrong decisions, fighting for the best I can be with what I have and I am planning on turning my life into a big reality. I am so grateful for things I have experienced in 2018, things that have shown me the way to a new path and good vibrations.

    Epic Reality will continue to thrive with new ambitions, new designs, and colorful writing. I also want to make a new book, “Teaching An Unconditional Life” a reality. I am looking for a publisher, rather than self publish this time and hope to be noticed.

    I am also hoping to find a great job, one that I can prove my skills at and feel good about making a difference.


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