Money Changes Everything or Does it

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anyone ever eat poor man’s steak? if you don’t know what that is then you have never been poor and that my friends is a very bad place to be. when you scramble to find your next meal or find means to keep the power on, you are really struggling.

i have read many articles in my days about making money online, trying to find the means to an end and surviving the bottom of the barrel. these people that claim they are making money, spend most of what they have trying to get that next big thing.

so what about the rest of us the ones who are willing to put the work in and do have the means to put even $10 into a program or ad to increase any type of revenue.

i think if you have a product, it only makes sense that yes you will make money but starting from zero gives you zero.

why am i discussing this?

well, its called my biggest stress of life, money! although i am back working full time and it will take me a month just to come back out of the rabbit hole, i worry that this will be a constant struggle. most of, because the cost of living is high, have a hard time. i truly believe the ones who actually know how to manage money, even though they can live a stable life with a regular income still find themselves worrying. this poses health issues because as we all know stress can kill.

look if i can’t be rich, i would at least like to have all my bills paid or paid off and have money in the bank.


i don’t pretend to have the answers or the solution to making money like most of these bloggers who claim to make $5000 to $10 000 a month. as far as i am concerned i think there is more to it than just post on social media and affiliates.

my niche as they say is all about survival, self love, woman issues and mostly self development. i have put many days and thoughts into my writing and making the extra buck but like i said, if you don’t have money to advertise and push the sales or a product, you will be eating poor mans steak forever.

remember to love and live unconditionally; it is the only way to a healthy lifestyle.


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