.money buys everything

a very special lady i know mentioned one word:


and it made me think of how important money really is and the reality of it. the old saying goes, ‘money can’t buy happiness’ but it sure can buy you all your needs.

i truly believe money can buy everything, sad to say but if you really think about it where would we be without it?

in the gutter, no clothes, no food, no fun, no roof over our heads, nothing. you can even make someone love you because you have money and the more you flash it, the more they want.

most people are so superficial that if you were rich, it wouldn’t matter how ugly you are, they would still love you. if you were fat and fluffy, dishing out all the good things money can buy, you would be attractive.

i hate money, i really do, it causes so much stress in my life that i have become obsessive about it. counting every damn nickel because you can’t round it to the cent anymore. it is also true that the more you have, the more you spend. inflation rises, keeping us from getting the greater things in life and we just can’t grasp that one thing really deserve.

i could write all day about money and how it affects my life on a personal level. it really makes me angry. i said something that bares repeating last night, that i see some people who have the very things i really deserve and want and can’t get it – EVER! i said: those people don’t even deserve it.

cruel – i know – but in my eyes some people do things or say things to get what they want and never really work hard enough to accomplish real life goals.


therefore on a personal level, i am here. accepting that some things are just out of my grasp because money can buy everything and i will never have enough to get the things i want and really worked hard for.

society and life has proven this to me.

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