Milestone in the making

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talk about crazy! I just realized I hit 500 posts and today will top that. 

as a writer, you don’t realize most of the time how much thought goes into a life time of ideas, situations and stories. when you take a step back, you wonder where all this marvel came from. it also makes you realize how aging has given you many experiences, enough to write them all down.

I am sure over time, I have deleted many posts that seemed unnecessary in the moment but just think of how many words are here on this website.

with only 16 days left now until Christmas, I am sure most people are beginning to get that epic feeling. taking your list, checking it twice and wondering if all the people in your life will be comfortable and happy this holiday season.

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we all have goals whether it is for pleasing others at this time of year or self developed one’s true self in the new year. I certainly hope to make that new bucket list soon and will definitely make the effort in keeping it true.

adjustments is another word that comes to mind this morning, as we all have to make sacrifices and alter our ways for others. many times, we do this in abundance and it becomes apparent that while this is happening we are changing our own way of living and thinking. we forget the important meanings and how to live life according to our needs and wants.

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a friend of mine is away in the tropics and I envy her but although her life is very different from mine and her lifestyle is quite unique, I still admire her for her family values. as I think much about family at this time of year, there’s a feeling I get that just doesn’t quite disappear, year after year.

enjoy your Sunday and make the best of all you have.


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