Men and hormones

ever notice that when we talk about sex, most people get uncomfortable? my experiences tell me that most of the time, men really enjoy sex and women use it as a weapon to fulfil their emotional needs. however, when we don’t get what we want out of a man, if we don’t put out, we become this other creature of destruction.

i love sex, i could have it as many times as possible; the feeling of being naked and touching each others bodies is so intoxicating. but we all know that life takes over and we can’t always get what we want. when we do, we feel relieved and content. ( for the moment )

we all know men and women feel very differently about sex. it is proven fact that men are physical and women are emotional and when women aren’t getting that necessary comfort from a man, we distance ourselves. we also use this as a weapon for the next time a man wants sex or otherwise. what is terrible about all this is that it is a game; the man will distance himself when he knows he cannot accomplish his animal urge and feels nothing. when a man is peaking as they say, he will ‘woo’ a woman to the ends of the earth. everything is fair game in this sex game. women as well play this when she wants something. she uses this weapon to play on a man’s physical needs.

don’t kid yourself this game is and has been going on for centuries but it is sad to say that we have to lower our standards to the point of playing games when all we really want is the love of each other. true honesty, compassion, togetherness and most of all a lifetime partner whom we can depend on.

so the question today is how far would you go to get exactly what you want?