men and complicated

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i have been so intrigued with my own self doubt about relationships, last night i picked the brains of two very different men. one, very shy and probably will never really speak out loud and another who is very mature and has been married for at least 35 years.

so the big question was why men can’t communicate. after careful deliberation and bickering back and forth from me i discovered one thing from these men; they both agreed that men want UNCOMPLICATED!

but why is it that when a woman wants to talk about her feelings, no matter what it is, it’s complicated? if communication is complicated then why are some relationships short term and others last a lifetime? i believe that it all depends on the couple but why should women put up shut up and put out?

that’s how it feels. it’s like when men want sex, they do everything right to make the woman feel like they are the most important person in the world and then when all is said and done, they fall asleep and you are back to being left in the wings.

so those guys i spoke too actually let me vent a bit, well as one said ” i was a bit on overload” but eh what did it matter but i still felt the same feeling from them, REJECTION! although i am not in a relationship with them, it still felt like i was unheard.

so the big question is, is it still my issue or are men selfish, childish and ungrateful as one of my female friends said?

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