Memories of a different kind

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lately i have been thinking about past Christmas’ and how there is a big void in my childhood. why am i thinking of that, not sure but it occurred to me that i don’t remember any christmas celebrations of a young age. i would say the gap between birth and 15  years of age. there are some flashes but to truly remember some Santa moments, they are few and far between.

the point is this, i think in life when we are faced with bad memories, we block them out and bury them deep or maybe we create a shadow. i suppose that’s why i love Christmas so much as an adult is because i have tried to create happy memories for my own children.

so what is christmas really all about?

as we  all know there are different religious beliefs, some of which we consider to be #epic, there is the idea of gift giving, which in this day and age has become very commercialized, so it is said. i used to believe that christmas brings magical things to life and i can also remember a time when i truly believed in these moments. as time passes, i just want everyone to be happy and jolly at this time of year. i think we put to much emphasis on the buying of things and none on the real feeling.

if i am to be honest, i think it’s a great time to rest as we do have several days off and i am grateful we are lucky to have this opportunity to surround ourselves with amazing food and drinks.

as i finally put up my famous christmas tree last night, i am making my list for all the goodies i will be serving the kids when they come to visit and we have a new special baby this year.

one more note of happy, i guess i have other things to be grateful for, the memory of buying our new home, new vehicle and having my children living in better homes this year. tomorrow is another day, and i will share some more happy things of 2017. today, i celebrate my 53rd birthday! let’s see how epic that will be.







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