matamoros mexico, day 3

i can honestly say, the last 3 days have been so relaxing, i never thought i could actually give my brain a break but it has happened. my parents took me across the border to matamoros, mexico to be delighted with a wonderful supper. this place apparently used to be the epic shopping ground for the texans however over the years it has been a little dangerous, therefore they only walk over to eat now. the fun part was before crossing over we stepped into a shop full of goodies. “booze” i could not believe the prices for these and all kinds of alcohol even cigarettes. there people in the shop were so friendly, give all kinds of samples, i think i was half in the bag by the time we left.

very strange how they do this however, there is a nice mexican man who takes your bags once you have purchaced your items and keeps them until you return to texas. as we walked along the bridge, looking at the famous rio grande, you have to google that story, i find myself thinking about culture. the people in mexico are so different, vendors everywhere, selling whatever they can to make ends meat. we as canadians forget to appreciate the lifestyle we have until you see this picture.

the supper was so plentiful and tasty, not to mention the margaritas. ‘oupie’

when we left there, i stepped outside to find a little girl selling chicklets. yes gum. very sad because this little girl couldn’t be more than 6 years old. i tried speaking to her, as there seemed to be no adult around her. but the minute she opened her mouth, she was rambling on in spanish and i could not understand what she was saying. as smart as i am, i started asking her how much for the chicklets. uno, deuce, tres and so on, i ended up giving her $5 US.

my dad later told me that was like a months worth of fortune for them. oh well, i hate to see this kind of behavior therefore i did not mind giving the little girl $5 of my hard earned money. as we continued towards the bridge on our journey back to texas, the line was long. to funny and might i add a few margaritas in me, i decided to post a funny picture on Facebook. i told everyone i was stuck at the mexican border.

i guess people are used to me cause i did not get a reaction out of it. that’s even funnier.

we arrived in texas again, to go to their walmart. wow! much bigger than my home town.

today, i find myself thinking that the reality is every place you go is so different but similar and the adventure of it all is so gratifying because it makes you realize how good you can feel if you just take a moment.