manufactured drama to fill your emptiness

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people invent stories, we hear it, we see it and most of all we feel it.  for years i have seen people get destroyed by words and the power it has over some. what i have learned is how this power is manufactured and why. people will say you need big shoulders and should shrug off the things that may or may not affect us. what i know is that when for some reason or other certain words that seem to dramatize our lives, in that moment in time, crawls under your skin and stays there.

the big thing is  you have to realize why it is affecting you in a certain way.  those who speak this language understand that most people start stories because they have deeper issues, voids that need to be fulfilled. when i am caught in a moment when something someone says is driving me to the core i ask myself why. usually it is some small event that captures a photo in my mind and then it slowly disappears. other times, i really must look closely to understand the concept – then for a while i linger into the vault of past events. once i know exactly the reasoning behind my epic upset, i see it for what it is – another moment in time.

does this really have importance on my present life? not really but it does help me discover how life’s maturity has surfaced and i can take it or leave it.

so to those people who manufacture drama, take a look at your life and ask yourself what you are missing to fill your void.

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